Virginia Obscura

Finally! The indie horror movie Virginia Obscura has been released. It’s a nice flick. It’s actually a horror with a strong female lead. In most horror movies you have the reversal of usual gender-roles. Women are the ones that become unsafe. In this horror, the woman is the one with the character and the men are the ones being threatened.

This movie has some new interesting stuff. It’s easy to the eyes, like photographies stitched together. It has not the greatest visual effects. The blood and the choreography is sub-par. But, the visual composition is excellent. It’s very visual, but without the usual way of doing it. The sound is a hypnontic musical soundtrack with ambient sounds coming out of nowhere. Again, not so integrated in the movie like in a blockbuster. The word I’m looking for is artistic. Take a step back, and you’ll come to enjoy this movie.

I actually watched this movie and felt really good about it. It’s a bit long, but if you sit and enjoy the beutiful pictures and the nice dialogue, you’ll have a great time! It’s realeased worldwide video on demand. Here‘s a link to the tumblr page of these crazy people who set about making this cool flick.

Malice: Metamorphosis

I just saw this new Kickstarter campaign for season 3 of Malice. Their campaign looks very proffessional and extensive.  It seems to be going well. This is a series about a non-typical young girl that lives in a house and strange stuff happens. The people behind this project is very talented. You can view the previous two seasons at

This is the teaser for the project in question.

This is their Kickstarter pitch

I backed this project and look forward to seeing the results. Yeah, and before I forget. Their Kickstarter-page.

Mysterios medical diseases

When it comes to medicine there three things I keep an eye on. The first would be the same as everybody else is following right now. The thing that looks like SARS, but is a lot more deadly. Infection moving from person to person, though it’s not that contagious. It is letal, though. The mystery is what will

Then there is the case of zombie-sickness in Africa. It’s not really zombies, but it’s a bad disease. High fever giving permanent braindamage. This means the young victims need constant care for their entire remaining lives. The WHO sent their experts, but there is not much to do. Just monitor the situation. Luckily this is farily geographically limited. It’s still tragic though. It only made the news because somebody called it the zombie-disease.

And, lastly the strange case in America. 19 young persons in Leroy, New York suddenly came down with Tourette-like symptoms. There was a derailment of dangerous chemicals on a train in that area in 1970. The group also had a vaccine a week before this started. In the beginning the doctors said it was all in their heads. But, the problem persists. The situation is still bad and there is no explonation in sight.

oDesk – a company for freelancers

Over a glass of wine with one of the persons I know that also works with computers, I heard about this company called oDesk. oDesk is a company that acts as a marketplace for freelancers that can work for hire over the net. There are some jacks of all trades out there. But, most of us have problems with one thing. This being photo, 3d-editing, video-editing, logo-design, screen-writing or sound-design. This is where oDesk comes into play. The beauty of it is that you can do what you do best and provide a service to others, while at the same time you can get the services you need in order to advance your business.

oDesk has a good reputation. There might be some quirks here or there. For instance, the vetting process on their content providers isn’t that extensive. So, you should divide a task into smaller pieces to minimize your risk. If you can’t do that, it might be an idea just to find a dummy-project you can toss out there when you think you found the correct person to try out.

I’ll probably get some services from oDesk, but I also use another service-provider for my projects. This is something I’ll talk about much more in detail later. The current project I’m on is a series that I have been working on for some time. Sorry about there not being too many updates lately. You can find me as @runeskildur at twitter if you got any questions. I’m looking forward to telling you all about my current project, but it’s just not possible now. By the way. Be sure to check out the latest writing-stuff that @jamesmoran is up to.

Just wanted to tell you all about this company that enabled me to do more than I could have done alone; and I didn’t have to sell my soul in the process.

Consumers willingness to pay

Lately I’ve been pondering about how entertainment industry can create revenue. I’m not talking about big studios here. I’m talking about small producers. Can a product be free and still profit? What platforms are you going to use? What part of the product should be free? I’m not saying that you should give away your product, but rather that you should be aware of the other kinds of revenue. Selling a copy of a movie should not be your only option to capitalizing from your project.

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Dead Snow 2

Dead Snow was a Norwegian horror movie. Norway is a small country with about 5 million people in it, so there are not so many horror movies being made here. Even when we talk about normal movies, the amount of movies being made is very low. The director behind Dead Snow, Tommy Wirkola, is a man that is used to getting things done by himself. He is the kind of director that does not need a huge studio behind him in order to complete his projects. He also knows how to make entertaining movies, so I’m looking forward to the sequel for Dead Snow.

Without spoiling too much, I can say that the first Dead Snow movie is about Nazi zombies. Theses zombies are well organized and fast. The film also follows a tradition where there are a small group of people in a dangerous situation. The director has said that the sequel is a follow-up that starts where the first movie left off. It will also be a wilder experience, possibly a larger scope than the first movie. Production will probably start winter 2013. So, expect a new Norwegian horror movie in 2014. An entertaining one.

Scary Snowman

Scary Snowman is one of my favorite viral video series lately. It’s awesome. This is a scary snowman that will twitch and scare people who pass him on the street. It’s a great concept. A harmless, but oh so fun prank pulled on ordinary people in the streets. Let’s just hope winter is done soon.


The Backwater Gospel

I saw this neat animated short-film about a small town and an undertaker that visits a small town. This short movie says a lot about the nature of religion. It might be a tad dark, but that’s life.


When making horror movies in 2013

I saw many movies in 2012, and some made a lasting impression. It’s like the same effect I got as when I saw The Sixth Sense. In the end of the movie you see something that forces you to reconsider how you view a movie in relation to its genre. This is not a new trick, it’s old. Usually a short-story employs the same trick. It’s simple when you view it in retrospect: A twist that makes the film unique. I’ll go over three fairly new movies as examples.

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